Assistant/2 V1.1

(c) copyright 1996-99 Hinnerk Becker

Assistant/2 (the successor of Extended Clipboard/2) is a WPS extension wich is designed to make work with OS/2 more comfortable in various ways:

Extended Clipboard

Extended Clipboard (EClip) is an extension of the OS/2 clipboard.

The clipboard can only store one item at time. When a new item is being copied into the clipboard, the old one gets replaced and is lost.

That's where EClip starts to work: old entries, which normally would get replaced, get saved automatically. So they don't get lost but can be made available to other applications
by a single mouseclick. They even can be edited later by a doubleclick or pasted by Drag&Drop into almost every PM application.

It is also possible to drop the data (here: clips) on the desktop. So often needed text clips and bitmaps are easily accessable and can simply be inserted into any application.
The contents of the clipboard will not get lost after a system shutdown but will be available with the next system start.

EClip offers new and improved functions to use the clipboard more efficiently. Because extensive changing between source and destination is no longer required, the clipboard
becomes an even more universal aid. With EClip it is possible to copy all needed clips into the clipboard first and paste them into the destination application later.

EClip offers:

Perfect integration into the WPS
EClip is a WPS extension. It becomes part of the WPS and can be used intuitively.
Autopaste to paste multiple clips in a series
If you want to insert multiple clips one after the other, use the hotkeys Ctrl-Alt-Cursor Up/Down to insert the current clip and select the next or previous clip, without leaving the destination application.
Browse mode
If you want to select an old clip to be inserted without leaving the destination application, browse the clips with the hotkeys Ctrl-Tab-Cursor Up/Down. You can even edit them by simply pressing the space bar.
Access to the clipboard from OS/2 shells and even DOS sessions
The included tool TOCLIP can be used to send the content of a text file to the clipboard or to redirect the standard input (STDIN) to the clipboard. FROMCLIP can write the clipboard content to the standard output (STDOUT).
Always-on-top frame button
This button can be used to make the EClip folder floating above all other windows.
Partial implementation of the WinOldAp API
DOS programs wich support the WinOldAp API have access to the OS/2 Clipboard. (Thanks, Bernd !)
And a lot of other useful functions...
...such as automatic deletion of old clips, soundfile to be played everytime you copy something to the clipboard, bitmaps can be previewed on the EClip folder background, start macros from command lines or batch files, online help, ...

screen shot of the eclip folder screen shot of the settings notebook


With Assistant/2 you can Drag&Drop pieces of text from one application to another. This works with almost every PM-application wich supports the clipboard as well as with windowed VIOs. If you drop a piece of text on the desktop, Assistant/2 will create a clip object that is compatible with Extended Clipboard. If the dragged text is an URL it can create an URL object. (Settingspage Drag&Drop)


Keyboard and mouse events can be recorded with the integrated macro recorder. It is also possible to write a macro with any text editor or to edit an already recorded macro. Since macros are special text clips, everything that you can do with text clips is applicable to macros as well. Especially the hotkeys make macros a very powerful feature.
Dynamic macros can be used to generate macros on runtime. So it is possible to insert the current date into your application or to change the case of selected letters !
Other macros included: Open text as URL, add text to file.

Hotkeys and Hottext

You can assign a hotkey or a sequence of keys (hottext) to clips and macros. If you need a certain clip frequently, assign a hotkey (hottext) to it. The clip will be pasted and macros will be played everytime you press the hotkey in a PM application. The mousebuttons and Win keys can be used as hotkeys, too.

Popup menus

Create flexibly configurable popup menus wich are accessable from almost every PM application by hotkey (mouse button). The structure of the menu is read from the folder you have chosen.

English and german version included.

Registrations for Extended Clipboard/2 are valid for Assistant/2 as well ! (689 KB)

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