Keep track of how long since the last soft start of your pilot and the battery change. Furthermore you get the actual power on time since both events. Last but not lease you get advanced battery information. For more information read the file readme.txt.

Uptime is freeware, licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL released by the FSF. Be sure to read the file COPYING within all versions for full details.

Since Uptime 1.1 you need the HackMaster extension from DaggerWare for running.
For compiling you need some special perl scripts [gcc-hack-tools.zip] written by Tatsuya Aoyagi.

Please use the newest Beta Test Version and tell me, if you have problems! In this case you may temporarily switch back to revision 1.1.

1998/05/19: Uptime 1.2b3 - beta test version

Completely rewritten interface. Added backlight on time.

1998/05/13: Uptime 1.2b1 - pre beta test version

Completely rewritten interface. Kind of battery now directly changeable (do not know if it really works). Now works again with Pilot II and III.

1998/05/07: Uptime 1.1

1998/04/02: Uptime 1.0

Uptime 0.9 (original by Gabe Dalbec)
Gabe's Web Page


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